They each work by themselves. The Rapid Resizer is for resizing and coloring existing patterns. The Pattern Wizard is for designing your own patterns. The Pattern Wizard can enlarge any pattern you draw in it.

The Rapid Resizer just treats patterns as pictures, grids of dots, and that's why it can only do coloring and resizing.

The Pattern Wizard treats patterns as math, geometry, curves, lines. You can place a picture in the background to trace, using the Background menu. I don't have automatic tracing in the Pattern Wizard yet, so you can't directly import pictures of patterns. The only format it directly imports is EMF, and patterns are rarely in that format.

There's not much point moving designs from the Pattern Wizard to the Rapid Resizer because the Pattern Wizard can enlarge its own designs. The Rapid Resizer is for patterns you scan in, or get off the Web.